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National Geographic's "Locked Up Abroad - Vegas Mobster

Frank Cullotta - Lead Actor

Medical Lies "Sex Sent Me To The ER - Thanks for the Memories"

Steve - Lead Actor


Alexis - The End Time. 2020

Lou Diot - Lead

Ocassus (pre-preduction) 2020

Dr. Walstien - Lead

Da' Wild Boyz of Kilco 


Lavender to Red (short) 

Darkness - The 13th Unit


Mr. Morgan

Good News, Oklahoma (short) 


The Caretaker

Barry Allan Onody has always had a passion for acting and entertaining, he is a natural story teller and jokester with an ability to make everyone feel at ease. Laughter is always in the air when Barry is in the room. It surfaced in his youth where he was raised in southern Alberta, Canada. People always looked forward to seeing Barry, his early years in 4H clubs he entertained with his endless repertoire of jokes. Later into his rodeo years with his Dad the natural entertainer shown through. So of course he was drawn like a moth to a flame when it came to theatre arts in high school. College and on into his professional life, the acting bug kept urging him to study the craft and pursue his interest in film and television. While in Calgary attending acting classes he met his wife, and trained with Judy Kerr in Los Angeles. Barry went on to have a successful career in commercials in Canada, while adding in small movie roles. His priority changed for a few years, to providing for his growing family, but his fingers were always in some sort of local theatre production. Acting finally lead him to Los Angeles where he now dedicates more time pursing his acting passion. His latest role was the lead for National Geographic's "Locked Up Abroad" series titled "Vegas Mobster" where he portrayed real life mobster "Frank Cullotta".

Height: 5' 9

Hair Color: Silver

Eyes Color: Brown


Location: Los Angeles CA

About Me

Mr. Miller

Goodbye My Friend 


Hunting Grounds

Lt. Carl Dorfman

Lost Mother


Stealing Time


Won't Let Her Go

Controlling Boyfriend 

The Inner Voice


The Virgin Queen of St.Francis High

Special Skills

Rodeo Calf Roping; Golfing; Snow Skiing; Ice Skating; Canadian accent; Technical dialect Oil & Gas Engineering; Sales dialect timeshare sales & leadership dialogue; Marathon Runner; Rifle knowledge; Tae Kwon Do, Dance: Waltz & Polka; Natural at Teleprompter


Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star



Bar Patron

In The Shadow of God

Mafia Don

5 Easy Steps to Pick-UP on a Vampire's Girlfriend


Training & Workshops

Terry Berland | Commercial Acting & Voice Over Workshop | Terry Berland

Judy Kerr| Acting Is Everything Workshop| IJudy Kerr

John Casablanca's Acting School | Film/TV/Commercial| Larry Parish


 TC Comm/Kevin Liang "TC Communications" 

Principal Spokes Person


Rexulti - Something had to Change

Loma Linda-Jason Satterlund  "Because I Love You" 


Babbel - Interactive



CauseForce LLC- Jaeson Kay  "Ride for the Cause-International"


Grey TV/Michael Faella  "Gold Trust Financial"


Demand Media/Rich Dorato "E How Now Vet"


Aperture Films/Josh Colover  "FDA Health Fraud PSA"


Acquirgy/Harry Greene  "Keurig Coffee"


Ten Eighty/Micky Wells  "American Health Care Association"

"Care Conversations"


Wildfire Media/Kristian Penza  "Performance Concrete"


40+ additional commercial credits upon request


Tara Wilder| Tried & True| Music Video

Lead Actor


Annie - Daddy Warbucks

Lead Actor

Love Rides The Rails - Truman Pendannis

Lead Actor

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